Basic Rules:

If you are very beginner in ACM-ICPC, don’t worry, just read the following points to know some basic rules of ACM-ICPC:

  • Some header file are not allowed. For example <conio.h> is not allowed.
  • You cannot use float data type. Instead of float you have to use double.
  • You should follow sample input – sample output strictly.

For example you are said to write a program for following  sample input – sample output

sample input sample output

And you have written a program that does following :

sample input sample output

It may seems to you that your program is absolutely correct. But pay attention on KUET   EEE(sample output in the problem). There are three spaces between KUET and EEE. But your program gives output as KUET  EEE where there are two spaces. So you will get presentation error and even sometimes wrong answer.


Online Practise(Open your account):

First of all, you have to create an account on To do this complete the following steps:

Step1:  Click Here

Step2 :  Fill up the following information. Set 0(zero) to Online Judge  ID.

Step3: Now log in to submit your solved problem. After log in Click on Quick Submit :


Step4:You can see the following input fields:


Now input Problem IDselect Language paste your code in the text field. Now click on Submit button.

Step5: Click on My Submission to see whether your answer is correct or not.


If your answer is correct you will see Accepted below the Verdict column.